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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
Good for him, I remember the day I asked my grandad if he really should be driving. I drove him home and he never drove a car again. Thankfully it wasn't an accident that stopped him.

And it normal for the CPS not to push a prosecution if the old person hands in their license. Complete waste of money and time taking things to court when they have already handed in their license.

I am sure the occupants will get a damage payment with a clause for not talking about it and that will be that.
Actually, I agree with your statement above and there would be no point in prosecuting him at his age.

But, sorry about this, it's far from unrealistic to suggest, that, as was the case with your grandfather, and also my late father, albeit he was in his early 80's, he should have stopped driving on public roads some considerable time ago.

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