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Exactly. We all have choices and we interview companies we want to work for just as much as they interview us. If, for some reason what they are offering in a total package does not suit yourself or your family, then you CAN CHOOSE to not take the job if offered.

This is lady is not the only person who has rejected Qantas over the past few years. Qantas are in a position to dangle a carrot and it’s up to the general pilot demographic to decide if they want it or not. Many moons ago there were not many options however in today’s world there is plenty. She has also been flying a jet for the company and so moving onto the mothership is not going to be of benefit if each opportunity which comes up (seniority depicted) within requires a move to another city. She is completely aware that for many others this is fine, she herself does not want to commute and or move the family any more. She has moved for aviation 8 times already, so when do you stop? She was content with her current position and found she did not need the change to complete her career.

I completey understood and and respected this. There are a lot more considerations to be made as we get older and having the responsibility of children and a marriage can and is for some more important. Her dealings with the recruiters and the total process was fine it was simply the total package. She can stay where she lives and move seats when she is abled to do so all from the comfort of her home.

If you are young and driven by the desire to climb the seniority ladder for promotion then by all means it seems a fantastic job.
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