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Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
Lots to unpick here. First of all, what constitution? We have no codified constitution, just a series of treaties subject to periodic amendment as required by parliament. Secondly, arguing, as you have done a few times recently for no border, presumably if we don't reach a deal is wishful thinking. Merely repeating that neither the UK or Eire want one doesn't mean they won't be driven to erecting it. Thirdly, 'junking' the backstop even if that were a circle that could be squared when leaving the CU & SM is effectively a method of creating a backdoor into the EU's territory & that can't happen. Worth reminding people that the Northern Ireland border is the coast. Eire's & by extension, the EU's border with the UK is where it meets Northern Ireland.

I'm accustomed to ignoring you because you're a) stalky & b) the angriest wee Jock in town. However, this is worth a punt as I'm enjoying the frankly staggering naivety of thinking we're at peak uppity paddy right now. You either don't know what you're on about (likely) or are blessed with a very short memory of how things used to be. You also can't spell resumption but whatever.

This is the logical fallacy known as an appeal to authority. Effectively since you're implying you were under arms in Northern Ireland, then what you & ONLY you say must be true, unquestionable & why doesn't everyone else push off? It's another example of wholly egregious bullshit put about by the same faces with the same weak positions, who implicitly understand they're open to doubt & so try time & again to get their retaliation in first. Doubtless, you call this abuse, I call it pouring sunlight on your nonsense.
Thank Christ you have absolutely no position of authority in anything or anywhere.
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