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Dan Winterland
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When I did a test in the past, one of my criteria was "Would I be happy with my family being flown by this pilot?" And being a safety professional, I know the details of some airline's operations and there are some I will not let my family get on. The danger here is that the cost sharers do not have the experience to judge by these criteria and won't know if the operation is safe or not - the pilot profiles are uninformed and naïve. And with the extra pressure the pilot faces to get their 'fare paying passenger' to their destination, safety margins will be eroded.

I have heard it mentioned on PPRuNe and other pilot forums that there is not the data to suggest that this operation is unsafe. Safety is not just reactive - if you apply a standard risk matrix to Wingly operations, the result is quite high. In my opinion, Wingly is taking advantage of EASA's weak regulation and the eventual result will be catastrophic and tragic.

I notice with interest that Sky Uber has already ceased operations.
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