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Originally Posted by Chadzat View Post
Soo many QF skygods here! Might seem surprising to some but there IS more to life than getting a ‘jet job’ at Qantas. Some people value lifestyle over being able to tell people they are a Qantas Pilot.....

What’s wrong with putting your hat in the ring then pulling it out when it is clear that the job offered won’t fit your lifestyle/family commitments?

Firstly, the person who has chosen another career path other than the QF group has neither posted here nor stuck her head up to warrant personal criticism. Another poster has relayed information.

Secondly, I believe, what has many on here tapping on the keyboard is the suspicion that her interpretation of what is best for her lifestyle and family is quite likely misguided and has been clouded by a short term ‘win’. As others have said, once you are in Mainline, no one forces you to a base change or promotion. There are flexible working arrangements available if warranted and numerous career options for that ‘next stage of life’.

It is hard to understand her decision based on the reality of ground zero at QF at the moment...(ps..I don’t know any personal circumstances in this case, nor am I saying a wrong decision has been made or saying what she should have done...just saying in my opinion, based on a strong sample size and bell distribution of brand new recruits (mostly around 30yrs or older) her supposed logic in coming to her decision is very questionable.)

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