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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post
To answer the OP:

None of it. Had plenty of students in training with quite a bit of talent, or even natural talent, who washed out due to two problems:
1. Inability to learn quickly
2. Failure to work hard.

Had a number of them surprise me by earning the chance to fly jets and succeeding when I wasn't sure if their talent level was up to it. (Good on 'em!)

Caveat: There are some fine potential fighter pilots who never got to fly due to anthropomorphic limits (which has to do with "what part of your body will you leave behind you if you have to eject" and "can you reach that switch under 6 gs?")
Isn't being able to learn quickly an innate skill as well? Or do you mean more in the sense of being able to objectively look at one's own performance/instructor feedback and able to correct mistakes through determination? Also thank you for a good response.
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