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Originally Posted by Brian 48nav View Post
My ex-fighter pilot son is first born, 6'4" and reckoned he was the 'G King' when he was on Jaguars ( 2000-09 ) - big ego and I believe well-hung - I stopped checking when he overtook me at about 12 months old!

Don't know about genetics - when I had a go at a PPL just before taking my 8yr option I was absolutely useless. Perhaps my dearly beloved passed on the FP genes?

He's certainly " God's gift to women " - or so he keeps telling us!
When I went into CAF, they told me it is not your total height, but your buttocks to knee measurement. They put you into a frame and squeeze your butt and knee together. If they can squeeze (gently) down to 106.4 cm you pass, otherwise you become an ATCO or admin officer. They will not take in any pilots that could not meet the tightest specification. I was about 1 cm short of the limit, and I am only 1.65m tall (5'6" in old money). There was a short-arm inspection which I suppose I passed, but they did not tell me the specification in that area. After that I passed a gruelling week of aircrew selection at CFB Downsview Defence and Civil Medicine Institute, only to be injured in basic officer training and told I could not continue in the CAF. I went back into electronics and had to pay for all my flying after that!

BTW one of my intake made fun of another, who wanted to be a helicopter pilot, saying he would rather m**t**b*te than fly a helicopter. He ended up being a helicopter pilot, and rescued 44 men off a burning oil rig, 2 at a time. Not always the fighter pilots that have the b**ls!
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