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Originally Posted by Dan Winterland View Post
They may have less handling skills when it comes to GA aircraft, but these will quickly be re-learnt. What they will have as a result of their experience is a high appreciation of risk and defence mechanisms in which to mitigate these risks. I thought I was experienced when I had 200 hours. I thought I was really experienced when I had a thousand hours. Now I have 17,000 hours, I realise I'm still learning.
A good point to make reference to The Killing Zone definition by Paul A. Craig: between 50 and 350 hours flying the accident rate of pilots is highest. Yes, the total numbers decreased but the zone still is where it was before. A possible way to get pressure from the 'sharing' websites would be to only accept pilots beyond 350 flight hours, correct? I see it as damn stupid to let pilots exactly on their most probable accident rate around 100-150 flight hours take unfamiliar passengers.
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