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Originally Posted by Hold_Short View Post
It had a lot more to do with the lifestyle in which Qantas was going to control. Seat changes yes were part of the problem as every seat change came with another move for the family unless you stayed in the same place and commuted. The 4 weeks notice was a problem when your moving back from overseas. Your husband and children also have to be happy with that. Fortunately other airlines are offering similar deal. No back seat driving, same base for seat changes and a career prospect for the next 20 or so years. Why get caught up in the race for the top at Qantas when you don't have to. I can completely understand and applaud her for going for a job that benifits herself and her family and not just herself.
For what it's worth:

You can change seats in any base, it just may not be the first opportunity to do so.
The last F/O slot was formally awarded to an individual 2 weeks after they started (informally, it may happen sooner).
Notice periods may be variable. Cathay pilots often require 3 months for example, and many pilots have deferred start dates due to births etc.

Good luck to your mate, although any race at Qantas - like anywhere - is entirely the individuals' choice.

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