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Originally Posted by hiflymk3 View Post
There are larger issues to be considered here. Dinosaurs were extinct long before humans arrived yet the Flintstone's have a pet dinosaur Dino. This could lead to children believing that humans and dinosaurs co-existed at the same time.
Some grown adults believe humans and dinosaurs co-existed (and not at different times!)

Mind you, some grown adults believe the earth is flat.

I "met" Mr Ham once; I'd been in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a while when one morning while having breakfast in a diner, for the first time in weeks, maybe months, I heard another Australian accent at the next table over. It was the summer of 2005 and at that stage I'd never heard of him, but it rapidly became clear from his conversation with his dining partner that they were planning some sort of loopy religious project - in retrospect obviously his creation museum theme park in Northern Kentucky.

I kept my mouth firmly shut and ordered by pointing to the menu.
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