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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
CB, well done. The people can of death is one selling slices of donner kebab meat of a slowly rotating slow cooking spit. Slices are cut off the outside in demand and freshly exposed meat is then next to be cooked etc. The faster the trade the less cooked the centre. The slower the trade the longer the meat may 'live' before brunch served.

The favourite time for a kebab is after pub set and the opportunity for uncooked meat quite high.

A fish and chip van serves hot freshly cooked deep fried food. P.S., in Scotland that can include Mars Bars suitably encased in batter.
For the benefit of overseas readers....

If one is accustomed to silver service fine dining, served by a fawning liveried flunkey, then it's highly likely one will never have recoursed to dining at such outlets as described above.

Conversely, the "K n C " Guide to Carte Alfresco Dining " ( 99.99, / $150 plus postage and packing, cash only, no returns permitted ) would dispel the myths posted. As per the States, these roadside / city centre stalls are now much more regulated than in years gone by......a quick look at the outside generally gives a very good clue as to the inside......even my stomach declined to go anywhere near one example that looked like it had been loaned from a scrap yard, outside Dudley bus station.....but the standard of food is surprisingly high elsewhere. Likewise with transport cafes / truck stops.

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