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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
I wouldn't believe those number quoted in the "Indeed" link.

I use a facility based out of a former petrol forecourt and last time I was there I did a quick calculation based on number of people working, price and time taken for each vehicle, and I doubt that the money taken would cover anywhere near the figures they quoted, and that's before little matters of NI, water rates, business rates, and of course a nice fat salary for the gang master - sorry, owner. Lads do a bloody good job though, always cheery, always polite and friendly.

Not looking forward to the day, in a couple of years, when it's back to the bucket and portable vacuum cleaner. Another Brexit dividend!! Seriously though, I really don't understand why trading standards don't clamp down on these slave drivers. I'd happily pay a bit more to see them earn a half decent (legal) wage.
Ahh Brexit gets a mention, surprise surprise.
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