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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
Money laundering would certainly seem possible but is surely one of the easiest to monitor. As AT Notts observed - number of employees, number of cars, time to wash - all quantifiable in full public eye. There are plenty of other 'enterprises ' where the transaction takes place out of direct observation - think about your van of death. Buy a load of milk, tea, bacon, bread, fat - rake in the dosh.
As a silly semi-Yank I had to Google "van of death" because I wasn't entirely certain what you were on about.

Some of the results were a bit frightening, as you might imagine (glad I didn't do that on Twitter).

However, I think I've narrowed it down to the little food caravans usually found in car parks or "food trucks" which populate many public squares in the US. (For many years in Texas these were known as "roach coaches," but that's died down now that they are regulated by the local health service.). And I understand some have some posh offerings.

Sorry for the extended thread drift, but I agree there's probably a good potential there for a bit of $ juggling, especially once you take a look at the owners, and especially -- the extended family...

Oh well, I guess I went to the wrong business school.
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