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Originally Posted by rog747 View Post
I just don't get it...Apart from the tragedy of it all,

Single-engine (piston, I gather?) day VFR flight plan in deepest winter on a mucky day with a pretty dire forecast setting off at dusk across lots of open sea with a night landing into an International airport.

The PIC has been reported allegedly not to be licensed nor have the training to have operated like this, even flying solo, let alone couple that carrying a very VIP high profile client basically paying someone for a ticket to fly.

A couple of winters ago near me here in the West Country on a completely foul weather day a family of 4 were killed near Dunkeswell in a Malibu N regn.
The weather was so bad and clagged that morning I cannot fathom why the chap took off with his wife and kids from Surrey to attempt the flight across country - even EXT airport was IMC that morning. The pilot was IMC rated
All of these accidents have one thing in common.

The pilot was determined to get to the destination.

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