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Originally Posted by Council Van View Post
As pilot in Command he can only blame himsel if he operated beyond the limits of his license. Unfortunately he was involved in the death of a totally innocent passenger, if the pilot had survived and been found to be operating outside his qualifications then he would have been looking at a man slaughter charge.

Leave public transport to the true professionals who follow the rules.

That dog is freight, therefore the flight would be illegal if they accept any money unless operated by a commercial pilot in an aircraft on an AOC.

Some of us spent thousands becoming commercial pilots It's time the CAA took an interest and stopped these PPL's taking work illegally off professional pilots.
Even worse, for the transport of animals you need special knowledge and endorsements. There is nothing similar to Wingly for animals! Animal transport has no connection to paid or not. Search the net on the guy who wanted to get his sheep from UK to I guess Germany. Animal transport is no grey area as 'Winglytransport'. But we stroll off topic.

*update* For animal transport you always need Dangerous Goods IATA certification and pass LAR, life animal rules, IATA. No exemption for puppies, you have to know which box a rhino needs and how to handle turtles to take your royal corgi in a C150. Isn't it perverse, you may get away killing a passenger by stretching the cost sharing rules, but beware he had a dog. I wonder how many things we'll find greyish or clear illegal when looked upon?

Back to the sad soccerboy.

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