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Originally Posted by ATC Watcher View Post
Anyway it shows the pilot filed that the aircraft was mode S equipped, which is what I was after. If it was on the BEA would knows pretty much where the aircraft is.
Do you mean it had Mode S, or if it had ADS-B? (see yesterday's helpful post re the difference between the two). Only ADS-B, if so equipped, would help the investigation with the location.

That said, and notwithstanding what the FPL said, I have trouble believing the aircraft even had functioning basic Mode S. N264DB has been based in the UK for several years, and photographed at a range of airfields, but I have yet to see any evidence of it sending even basic altitude/squawk/callsign data over Mode S.

Its allocated ICAO24 address was A28E26 - if anyone can find a record of Mode S transmissions from that address at any time in the last few years, I'd be interested to hear where from.
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