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Originally Posted by Above The Clouds View Post
Likewise I very feel sorry him and his family, I also believe there must have been many other external pressures put on David for him to knowingly set off on a flight he was clearly not qualified in so many ways to undertake.

Those pressures most likely came from the football club brokers who organised the flight, his so called friend who asked him to do the flight, financial pressure from various sources, the whole thing sinks to high heaven and I do hope the people involved with arranging this flight are found guilty and jailed along with their assets taken off them and sold.

Although sadly the buck does stop with the pilot in command to say no I cannot do it today.
I suspect quite a few of us have made rash decisions when it comes to our flying ( I know I have ! ) so I don't think Dave Ibbotson is the first person who got it totally wrong by being influenced by peer pressure ( put it this way, if Dave Ibbotson had successfully got Emiliano Sala to Cardiff he would have been the 'Hero' but because it has gone totally badly he is now being tarred by the 'Zero' brush ).

I can't even justifiably say I blame him for trying to make the flight, he was possibly under immense pressure to keep the 'wolf from the door' & this if conducted in daylight should have been an easy trip for him in VFR conditions, but when the goalposts are moved slightly it adds a bit more pressure on the pilot, I am thinking the goalposts weren't moved slightly but moved by a golden mile so the pressure would have been immense on Dave Ibbotson. If he genuinely thought he was flying back during daylight hours ( which I suspect he did, otherwise why file an 0900 flightplan? ) it is probably likely that the facts that a 1930 departure was already agreed weren't relayed to Dave Ibbotson until after he filed a 0900 FLIGHTPLAN.

Taking that he was asked if he fancied a ' Weekend in Nantes ' I would take that as fly out Saturday & return Sunday or early Monday at the latest. ( Monday hasn't ever been part of my weekend, but I have had a weekend away where I flew back first thing Monday ).

I am also hoping that the focus is on the right people when it gets to that stage, there are going to be quite a few names in the frame & I too would like them to be held responsible for their part in the Sala flight arrangements.
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