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WIZZAIR HA-LWI, coming from Luton, London, to Chisinau, Moldova, due to fog, was forced to divert to Otopeni, Bucharest.

But the attitude of the crew is a bit hard to understand.

You can listen to the conversation between the pilots and the air traffic controllers.

The crew of the plane clearly puts pressure on the air traffic controller, for that minimum 300 meters they need.

Please note that RVR (Runway Visual Range) at Chisinau International Airport is automatically measured by the transmissometers and the air traffic controller can not influence the measurements in any way.

The crew was also dissatisfied with why the controller had given him 275 meters and that he did better not say that change. This is a call to violate aviation law, that is intolerable.

As for the "Approach Ban", we would like to mention that it is an internal procedure of the company, and they differ from one company to another, and regardless of the procedure, the controller is obliged to transmit the information to crews as quickly as possible.

We find this behavior very unprofessional and dangerous for civil aviation.
www .sound cloud. com/runway08/wizzair-100d-rvr300-app-ban (deleted the spaces in the link)

7 star safety rating...
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