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Originally Posted by Mike Flynn View Post

Which opens up the whole can of worms that allowed this flight to take place without an AOC.

I suggest the passenger thought he was on a regulated charter flight and not a micky mouse adventure flown by a person whose day job was a gas fitter.
Mike, you're going to think I am arguing with you for the sake of it!

No (new) can of worms here. The pilot's licence, if it is as represented, would not have permitted him to operate a commercial flight here, or in the US. That in itself is enough to bring the conversation to a halt. Conversations about AOCs, Part 135 permission and the rest of it are entirely redundant since the pilot is fundamentally not qualified - possibly quite spectacularly so.

I think it does raise questions about the CAA and DGAC's ability to regulate GA flights within their territories - but we might want to be careful what we wish for there.

Nobody yet knows what the passenger understood about the flight, and that information may sadly be permanently unavailable. Speculation as to the views of the deceased is probably beyond even PPRuNe's wide-ranging chatter.

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