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Originally Posted by ShropshirePilot View Post
Who, in their right mind, would use an AA5 for training?
Well I managed 600 hrs of trouble-free instructing on them (and the AA-1) at Elstree. Yes, the nose-wheel torque-tube was notoriously prone to damage in the event of a mishandled landing but then again there are quite a few similar nose-wheel accidents on Cessnas.

There was nothing unusual about the landing technique. In the event of a bounce, we trained to either go-around or land again while keeping the stick back to avoid a second bounce (i.e. quite normal). Some accidents of which I became aware seemed to result from a bounce followed by a go-around with insufficient speed and not enough right rudder. The aircraft always ended up to the left of the runway.

I found them nice to fly, quite suitable for an initio instructing, good visibility, and generally reliable. Students liked them too.
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