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But surely that is the point. Crazy it might be, but the rules do not prevent it. Doesn't the Taxi industry have the same argument about Uber, and like it or not the fact that People are using the service,either Wingly or Uber (your so called crazy ones) will determine whether they succeed or not.
Let's face it some recent negative press about sexual crimes by Uber drivers hasn't stopped the service, and actually one of the worst mass murderers in Britain was a Taxi Driver.
Even if a Wingly trip ends up in a smoking hole, will it change things as people seem to think, probably not, because there is no 100% guarantee with fully qualified 20,000 hour experienced commercial pilots at the helm either. The worst aviation accident in history had the most senior KLM training captain at the controls, so despite all of the naysayers and indignation on here and other Pilot forums, experience and qualifications are no guarantee of quality in aviation or any other walk of life.
If you don't like the idea, don't take part, but don't condemn those that do, based on their perceived skill level due to the number of hours experience they have.
I expect many on here complaining about low hours pilots advertising on Wingly took their nearest and dearest up when they had similar low experience, so where does one draw the line.
Having got stuck overnight at Headcorn due to impending darkness on a return trip from France recently due to a 2.5 hour wait for fuel at Deuville, myself and wife were nearly killed in a head on collision in the taxi on the way back to the airfield in the morning. I don't know how we managed to miss it because I was sat in the front and the other cars number plate had disappeared under the bonnet line and I let out a scream before our taxi driver reacted and swerved to the side. A far more frightening experience than the Channel crossing flight
I do not use Wingly but have taken quite a few people for flights, both fixed wing and rotary , but never charged anything, but I have sometimes allowed them to buy me a cuppa at the destination. I am fortunate that I can afford to do so, and get pleasure from sharing the experience with people who might otherwise not have the opportunity.
One of the worst flights I ever had was with an experienced pilot the CFI asked to take me up for an experience flight before I learnt to fly. nearly put me off flying. So in the same way that some drivers have scared the heck out of me, some pilots have also done so, and the only common theme was that experience i.e. hours flown or miles driven were no indication of ability.
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