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Originally Posted by Charlie Zulu View Post
...and five weeks later I was holding my new EASA PPL(A) and also a new version of my old UK CAA PPL(A) (as I ticked the box on the form to retain one)..
In a similar position - UK PPL(A) with a long lapsed SEP rating - now working my way back towards a SEP proficiency check but wondering if I should tick the box when it comes to license conversion. Does this get you a full-fat, ICAO standard, UK PPL(A) with a SEP (i.e. like my existing pre-JAA license) or is it a NPPL/SSEA? Conscious what with Brexit and the ability to keep a nationally issued PPL current with 3-axis microlight time (something the Part-FCL PPL doesn't recognize as far as I know), this might be the more useful license of the two for me to be holding come April.
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