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Originally Posted by morningcoffee View Post
We can’t even get a an assurance from the DPA that they won’t negotiate a large payrise for their members in return for using all the trainers at KA who were reappointed to now smash the TB at CX.
I’m still waiting for the 15% the company was going to give when I voted no last time. The old “they’ve got a better offer vote no and they’ll sweeten the deal” scenario.
We may use the same flight dispatch facilities but there the love affair stops. The KA pilots will look after themselves ( as they always have done ). Good luck to them. As for the 330 training, this has proved an unmitigated failure and a slap in the face for PC. KA faces it's own problems ( albeit with CX management pulling the strings ). They will only get 0% in June.
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