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Lotsa Con's

Originally Posted by Frogman1484 View Post
You do realise that you will never get the perfect result in a negotiation. If voting no in the past produced better results like this claims, why is the cos less than cos 16? Most guys I fly with, when I ask them what is required in your opinion to vote yes, they donít know. In any negotiation, both of you have to give something up in exchange for something else. At some stage in the future, we are going to have to sell the TB back to the company. The problem is that we donít know for how much? In the future the price might be able to go up, but then it might also go down, if they manage to get KA to do all of our training. The problem is that by nature, people always think they are worth more than they actually are, so we will never get to a point where we can agree on the value of the TB, as there will always be someone that wants more.
You are probably correct that most wouldn't know what is needed to vote yes but I'm not sure that's the correct question.
A fantastic summary by cluin44 however there should as well be a summary and list of Pro's (i.e what will swing me to vote yes) !!

Problem is, I'm not sure I can find one single reason to vote yes... Is it just me or have I missed something ??? If I have, someone please compile and post !!


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