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Morning coffee I think you absalutly right. We vote No, nothing changes for the next 2-3 years. RP will stay as they are until the JCP get introduced in 2-3 years time. HKPA will remain at this level. ARAPA will probably get kicked down the road for another year or two as all of the managers are on it. The TB will be bypassed with KA doing all of our A330 training. When more captains sign across on COS 18, they will be told accept cos 18 and go into training or **** off! By the time the next negotiations come around, the world economy will be tanking and CX will then come to us and will plead poor and as us for monetary concessions. I’ve been around this merry go round for a long time to realise that the younger pilots that have been here for less than 10 years...the HKPA guys, think that we are in a stronger situation than what we are. Mark my words... in 5 years we are going to significantly worst off than now if we vote no!...this is what Cx does...you will not get something for free!
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