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A Couple of Points

Illegal Charters

Emotional reaction usually comes before a logical reaction and a few things mentioned in this thread come under the emotional bracket.

This incident is high profile , the media reports are not waning the damage to the small plane sector brand is complete ( small plane in what the general public would call it )

The ones whom wrongly and deliberately brake the rules may get a wake up call in that either a) the CAA will be closing in OR b) the illegal charter persons' may fear a fatal accident could happen to them

Foul Play?

I am sure the pilot(s) 'feelings' in days leading up to the crash will be careful examined

January is know as the most depressing month of the year for persons' in financial hardship. source:

Financial hardship has in the past and will continue in the future to be 1 of 5 factors leading to suic..e
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