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Originally Posted by 10 DME ARC View Post
I am also shocked that someone who earned more per week than the average person earns in a year would be happy to be flown around by these type pilots and aircraft and you cannot say they didn't know what was happening!!!
I'm not earning anything like that, but I think the whole problem here is that unsuspecting passengers don't know what is happening.

For my part I am used to my clients making appropriate travel arrangements on my behalf, often together with other participants in meetings. The point has been made many times here that Sala most probably simply trusted his agent to sweat the details, and indeed that is what agents are supposed to be there for.

As far as non-commercial aviation transportation goes, in my case I've learned everything I know about the technicalities in terms of regulations and qualifications from this one thread and a few e-mails resulting from it.

The public perception is, as was said upthread, that an airport is like a building site: one assumes one is entering a well-regulated area. While I certainly realised I would not have the same overall assurances as flying commercial, I never imagined something I perceive to be widespread practice being carried out in this kind of regulatory void.
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