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Someone must have guided the Trumpster through the senerio that was unfolding with the ATCs not showing up to work for no pay. The next step would have been the airlines deciding not to fly at all for safety reasons. So then when there are no airline flights in the US, the country shuts down.

The "wall" was nothing more than a one word cue for Trump to remember to talk about immigration during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump converted it to a war cry for his faithful believers. The reality is the "wall" has been nothing more than a deflection from the Russian investigation a Mafia technique Roy Cohen taught Trump when he was Trump's lawyer while representing two NYC Mafia families at the same time.

It's no surprise Trump got himself boxed in Washington DC. Same thing happened in NYC in a deal with the Mafia. It only cost him an extra $100 million for his beloved Trump Tower and a couple of other smaller Trump buildings in NYC, money Trump didn't have at the time and had to borrow. Strange this isn't in his Art of The Deal book.

BTW, The NY Times has an article running where Trump and his associates had more than 100 contacts with Russians before the inauguration some involving Trump himself and the others involving at least 17 campaign officials and advisors. Trump has continuously denied this ever happened.

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