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[COLOR=left=#333333]I am also surprised at the naivety of some who believe the terms like '[/COLOR][COLOR=left=#222222]catastrophic for their profitability and operations', 'its going to be a disaster', 'the economy is going to drop to a level equal to third world countries' and the 'economy is being driven of a cliff' as most don't know that and all those opinions are caveated by words such as could/might/it is possible, not one with the exception of some on here, have actually stated this will actually happen, and some obviously have not read some of those links I posted earlier.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=left=#333333]Also the ones shouting the loudest are those who in the main don’t have much of a business management presence in the UK and considering the amount of businesses in the UK, some of whom may be large but then so are a lot of the 5.7 million private sector businesses (2018 figures) in the UK and all we are hearing is about 5 or 6 that are voicing negative opinions, does that mean the others are preparing for exiting the EU and looking forward to freedom to trade around the world without the EU restrictions, or don’t they care.

Apologies for the formatting, I don't seem to be able to remove the colour tags[/COLOR]
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