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Originally Posted by andrewn View Post
Who cares? once we've left why does it bother us?
I appreciate you do a reasonable amateur line in goading, yet still find this instructive of the average, parochial inward looking leaver. It never disappoints.

But I'll tell you why anyway. Your attitude pervades leave thinking all the way up to morons like Mark Francois & beyond, still fighting the second world war & you can see it on display daily, take for example, the backstop. We have Rees Mogg & pals openly dismissing very real concerns over a hard border in NI, suggesting a few Paddys lobbing bullets at each other isn't a big deal, while presumably forgetting the Irish will have, along with the other 26, a veto on any future trade deal we sign with the EU.

People who, like you, can't think beyond a Daily Mail headline will be responsible for all of our difficulties in the coming years, but as you say, who cares?
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