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Originally Posted by Max Reheat View Post

And here you show your ignorance of the system.
New trainers are trained by the Standards Teams... the rest of the trainers are still available for training and they will be supplemented by the newly trained trainers.
I'm not saying vote yes, or no... just get your facts correct!
I have it on good authority that there is only ONE aircraft rated BTC on the 777. The other two have turned 60 and the company will not permit them to continue. So at great expense they will upgrade two managers to aircraft BTC ( securing their pay increase ) and let the experience of decades dissolve. Meantime, if the only remaining aircraft BTC goes sick then the wheels come off. Totally self serving incompetence by the FOP management who want their management jobs and BTC jobs all at the same time. This age 60 rule was introduced by HC when he was GMT supposedly to promote career advancement but with the TB in place this has stopped and his replacement and now DFO hasn't the numpty to put it right by extending the current BTC's. Ludicrous waste of money upgrading his pals in FOP's and loosing any independence between office and training.
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