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Originally Posted by CaptainMidnight View Post
Only 4 days notice with RAPAC consultation, and not first submitting the proposal to CASA Office of Airspace Regulation says whoever is behind the proposal doesn't know the airspace change process.

I also wonder whether Ambidji were consulted, seeing as they operate the CA/GRS there.

A lot of knowledge and expertise walked out the door of Airservices 4 years ago -
Over the past week the RAPAC Convenors have put forward the following resolution, perhaps the result of a number of matters that Airservices have put forward in the past year with minimal notice and/or consultation.

The National RAPAC convenor group by majority #1 resolves that the Airservices Out of Session paper "Trial of Class E Airspace at Ayers Rock" both Version 1 and Version 2 (14 January 2019 and 17 January 2019 #2) is unfit for the purpose of meaningful assessment and consultation feedback by RAPAC members.The paper is incomplete, inconclusive, lacks proper definition of the airspace, and requires expert assessment by CASA OAR concerning the clash of CTAF with Class E procedures and constraints.The National RAPAC group requests that CASA pass this Resolution with the strongest endorsement to the CEO Airservices.

NOTES #1 By majority as the timing of the paper is during a period of regular aviation holiday absences.
#2 Version 2 being only an extension of time and of RAPAC coverage from Version 1 after RAPAC feedback.

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