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Originally Posted by Python27 View Post
Check his posts, just click on the name : you guys are being trolled by a ntr kiddo desperate for Wizz air and another fantastic jobs in Europe ...
If you hadnít noticed Flybe had weeks left before it would have gone under yeah just sit back and let that happen. I reacted to that information. Canít have all your eggs in one basket.
Most of you guys either seem stuck for some reason or are scared to leave. I hated my previous career walked in one day and handed my notice in. Best decision I ever made.
The industry as a whole is very different, read the BA thread. If you donít believe them ask people. I know at least 40 odd people at BA, maybe 10 are happy. Others mixed. I know of some who have left and are at EK. Why? Same same but get more money at EK. Thatís what they told me.
You can always have a look on LinkedIn for proof. British Airways Emirates. A few come up without looking too hard.
If I had the choice I would go CX. Not looking just at the airline but the opportunity to live in HK. My favourite city. Then Singapore. Dubai and EK will not be a magical world I get that but we have friends there which will help with socialising particularly for my misses. We are 100% city folk. We could never live outside of a city.
Misses can quit work and retrain while looking after little ones (nursery costs alone are £1.5k+ per child not full time), although she has been offered a very good job in Dubai if she wants it.
Our mortgage will be paid while away even if we spend all my salary we would still be benefiting from that.
Obviously I have back up plans. Iím not just coming out on a whim. You need that with anything.

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