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PPL means that the pilot may not earn money for the flight and that he may not fly in the context of a commercial operation (ie: the service, transport or aerial work, may not be sold).
Of course there are some exceptions, but they don't play a role here.
A CPL (commercial pilot) may be paid and hired for a commercial operation.

SEP = single engine piston
SET = single engine turbine (turbopropellor or jet)
MEP = multi-engines piston
VFR = visual flight rules (only flights in visual meteorological conditions, day or night, are approved. A special qualification is required for night-VFR)
IFR = instrument flight rule (flight in day or night visual meteorological conditions or in instrument meteorological conditions. An instrument rating IR qualification is required)
IMC = instrument meteorological conditions (you can't see outside or the outside references are below some minima)

For AOC in Jersey/Guernsey, the 2 islands have a common aeronautical administration.
They happen to have put all AOC on the Guernsey registry.

For your account of your 2 flights to and from Jersey, there are only 3 "legal" possibilities:
- your business relation rented 2 charters flights from an official air-taxi company (AOC holder). The chance that such a company operates a single piston engine aircraft are very close to zero.
- your business relation organised a private flight by renting a small aircraft on a dry lease and hiring a commercial pilot separately.
- the pilot was your business relation, his associate or one of his close friend and this pilot organised the flight by himself.
In the third case, before the flight, the pilot could have asked you if you agree to share the direct cost of the flight.
In the second case, your business relation is not allowed to ask you to pay anything.
I am afraid that anything else (and matching your account) is illegal.

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