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shy torque Thanks, very helpful.

Originally Posted by ChickenHouse View Post
Besides from the 'CPL needed?' part, his FAA PPL license may have been ok for the VFR-Day trip.
Excuse my ignorance. Again. Is the CPL requirement conditional on remuneration irrespective of flying conditions (which is what I've understood so far), or are you saying a PPL could suffice for a flight with a paying passenger if it was VFR-Day?

Luc Lion thanks again. A similar question about aircraft type. What about SEP in daytime VFR conditions?

(Armed with some of the info learned here I have established that the Cherokee I flew on is owned by a company that does not appear to hold an AOC, at least not at the time of posting).

(According to the document Luc Lion linked to, " At present the Jersey Aircraft Registry does not permit commercial air transport or aerial work" (!) so AOCs have to be obtained from the UK or... Guernsey!!).

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