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Originally Posted by Parapunter View Post
Lets take stock of the week.

Sony. Gone
Dyson. Gone (Spits on floor)
Airbus. Threatening to go.
P&O Flagging out ships including, oh the irony, 'Spirit of Britain' to Cyprus explicitly because Brexit
Fleece Mogg - Let's take back control by shutting down Parliament. WTAF????
Brexit cheerleader James Delingpole on This week: 'I don't know' in answer to Andrew Neil when asked why the US would gives us an FTA if we lowered our tariffs to Europe in WTO.
Taking back control Brexiteers - Let's get the Queen to ignore no no deal amendments.

Jet Blast Conservative association: Everything is fine.
Sorry Parapunter but if this is as bad as it gets I'll take it...

Sony - moved the grand total of 10 (yes, ten) people
Dyson - is NOT "moving out of the UK". Have a read about the former RAF Colerne if you dont believe me
Airbus - a state sponsored threat to bring the kids into line
P&O - not read about this one, and wont be doing so, but I doubt it is especially significant. Flag of convenience and all that I expect.

Meanwhile the UK economy steamrollers on - 32M in work (of one form or another admittedly)
Cambridge - fastest growing city in Europe
Manchester - not far behind
London - the City and foreign investors are going nowhere - they know when they are onto a good thing - the amount of office space and flats being built is scary

I've never been one who says the status quo in the UK is great (hence why I voted Leave), but to pretend that financial armageddon is just around the corner because of Brexit is just so far away from the reality. It's simply laughable in my opinion.
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