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Donald wouldn't need to rationalize the failure of his wall because, just as with the deficit, he won't be around to answer for that. (How much personal heat is George W. Bush enduring for this misbegotten "War on Terror," for example, something he started? How about "very, very little"? It will be like that.) This guy is into "pump and dump," going for the quick kill and then buggering off.

I think that we shall see the abandonment of Project Great Wall Trump rather soon, with that to be blamed upon the Democrats. Trump easily could turn this situation on its head, to end the shut-down having fought the good fight for border security, forced to abandon that in the national interest in order to end the shut-down. He would then get to deliver his Snake of the Uniom™ address in the House chamber before a rapt national TV audience, reinforced by rapturous applause from Republican legislators and sullen silence from Democrat legislators.

There's something else to bet on: I say "SOTU on 29 January, given at the Capitol in the House chamber before a joint session of Congress."
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