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I humbly beg to differ. Painful as it may be, apart from cavalier attitudes to keeping their ratings current (they weren't), the main issues in both the the Colin McCrae and Graham Hill incidents were two pilots who had higher opinions of their skills than they, in truth, had. This caused their deaths and those of eight innocent members of the public flying with them.
I think I may have been the first to mention the Graham Hill accident on this thread. Before commenting I went back and read the B of I to verify that what I had remembered was correct. My main point was that the primary cause was the well known and all too common phenomenon of "get homeitis" in that he chose to attempt a very difficult approach in marginal conditions, when he had the opportunity to divert to airfields with no weather problems. Hill definitely had form here, including an earlier incident when he landed unannounced at Elstree at night after the airfield had closed. Having a cavalier attitude to safety may have been ok in the world of F1 in the 60s and 70s. but those attitudes do not transfer well to aviation, particularly when it is not just your own neck you are risking
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