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My longest legs over water in my PA28 have been Barbados to Antigua and St. Croix to Barbados (passed over Mustique on the way) - not that the distance is really the issue.

Here a, I believe and Arrow, went down watched from the tower about 20 years ago - not one survived, the airplane was never found - in the past year or so a twin (Commander I believe) from Union to Argyle crashed just off Bequia - nothing ever found (pilot and one px) - that by the way is a twelve, yes twelve minute flight.

The conditions here are probably ideal from December to May for a water landing but the survival rate here is not good - off the US though I believe it is 80%, all those lovely SAR helicopters, boats and whizzy whiz radars - ours from Barbados pick us up about 60/70 miles out on a good day - although the French ones on Martinique cover all the way past Barbados.

On Saturday I will be going to Martinique then Bequia - if the weather is good and there is nothing odd with the airplane
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