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Originally Posted by cBoxMungo View Post
Hi all,

I've got a start date soon but I'm worried my IAA licence isn't going to be transferred to a CAA one in time. Does anyone have recent experience with this? Any estimate for how long the entire process took for you? Apparently the CAA have got over 2000 licences they're trying to convert before March 29th thanks to the B-word.

Apparently BA can send the CAA a 'request to expedite' email, has anyone tried this?

Is it absolutely required to have the CAA licence on day 1? Or is it possible to continue with training up to maybe the final sim (LST) check?

Any help appreciated. Feel free to PM.
The expedite request worked well for me, although this was a few years ago. Iím pretty sure as you said you would just need the licence in hand by the LST.
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