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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
There's two interpretations of your view.

The first, is that you are advocating rioting/ civil disobedience, strikes and indeed any form of action taken by the public to protest against the Gov't. Plus the inclusion of the term "national identity " which is generally a sanitised way of saying, lets call them immigrants shall we ?....have enhanced the demographic of the UK population but are far from welcome as they are not indigenous "British ". . and if you seriously, and naively believe the UK population aren't capable of protesting, think again.

When shortages , of whatever commodity, start affecting peoples lives and the Gov't is unable, or unwilling, to produce tangible remedies, then unrest develops very quickly. Chuck in a recession. albeit the "R" word doesn't get mentioned too much, so far, and it's far from unrealistic to expect the electorate to sit passively and place their faith and trust in the Gov't.

Thereafter, I suggest you enter " austerity in the UK" , or any similar terms, into the search engine of choice and see what comes's a helpful clue.....make sure you are sitting comfortably because you will be reading about the destructive effects on millions of peoples lives for some considerable time.

As has been mentioned, "once or twice " were it not for March 29th taking over politics, the policies of the Gov't and austerity......still very much a fact of life, despite Treeza gushing forth to the contrary, would be getting the prominence they deserve. Dave and Gideon, between them, imposed some of the most vindictive and malicious policies of any Gov't with their targets being those who are least able to defend themselves any respect. Thankfully, the Lib Dems did provide an obstacle to negate even more draconian policies being introduced.
Krystal - your response might have had more relevance if you had bothered to consider the content of my post before launching forth in your customarily adversarial style. I have advocated nothing and really do think you should take more care when ascribing to others, opinions or beliefs which they have neither expressed, nor indeed, implied.

Incidentally, "There's" is a corruption of "there is". Therefore it is grammatically singular. The conjoined "two" is plural.
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