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"Self-knowledge ... " not a thing for Trump and his partisans ....

OB, unless you are joking, this, "We on the right recognize our cartoon characters, like Bakker and other hangers-on," shows just how little you and other Trump boosters know about what you are up to. Donald John Trump is the very embodiment of a "cartoon character" meant to symbolize pretty much everything defective: unmatched, open greed; total disrespect for the law and law enforcement; complete disrespect for women; rampant cowardice combined with boasting of bravery; and so on. I would run out of pixels before I could finish listing everything obviously wrong with this poor creature, this excuse for a man.

It's news now when Trump does something positive, and when he actually speaks the truth. That is how accustomed we have become, in just two years, to having a lying buffoon as our head of state.

Are you guys behind the Supremes saying that it's okay to ban trans-sexuals from military service, even if that was done by Trump on spurious grounds with, seemingly, little or no consultation? That was a sop to the Bakkers and such, wasn't it? If you are okay with Trump then you must be okay with what he gets up to trying to please that miserable crowd of mountebanks. You are left with the "Curate's egg," trying to tell the rest of us, the most of us, that parts of this are excellent. https://www.google.com/search?q=the+...enYlrPja6J0PM:

OB, this "one size fits all" approach of yours would not fool a child. I am liberal, not a "Liberal," so that I feel no obligation whatsoever to line up behind Maduro in the way that you have chosen to line up behind Trumpô. You and Josef Mengele ... both practicioners of medicine, on pretty much the same level? Of course not! Just as we can easily understand the differences between enlightened socialism and whatever that mess in Venezuela is to be called, we can understand that preferring the enlightened socialism put forth by Bernie Sanders to whatever this mess that Trump is making brings with it no obligation to like Maduro. Your "Sanders: socialist, and Maduro: socialist,'" is just as nonsensical as "OB: physician, and Mengele: physician."

Oh, God! There I went, lured into trying to use logic to argue with a Trump supporter. Emperor Mong, you bastard!
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