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The Emperor has been working overtime, I see ....

I asked my daughter about that, how people fit into those tight pants. They are made of some sort of elasthane mix, so that they stretch to fit; that is the answer to that puzzle. Not for me, not at all, that look.

OB, those two never went away. (Okay, Bakker did literally go away, spending some time behind bars, but he's back as if he never went away.) Here, check this out:

Televangelist Jim Bakker said on his show this week [mid-June 2018] that Donald Trump was elected in order to give Christians time to prepare for the end of the world. And this was a fact, Bakker said, because God told him personally.

“This is what He told me, Bakker claimed. “He said, Donald Trump is a respite in this [sic] troubled times and I sent him in grace to give you time to prepare for what’s coming on earth.’”Bakker said that while “the Antichrist spirit” has been let loose on America, “God has given us a man who is not afraid to fight. We have a president people think is crazy. They call him crazy, but he’s making peace treaties, he’s doing all the things to try to solve the world’s problems and God has put him on earth — God spoke to me the other night, He said, ‘I put Donald Trump on earth to give you time, the church, to get ready.’https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/...the-end-times/

You guys simply do not understand whom you have climbed into bed with, that is all. Not just Trump (bad enough right there) but God-botherers, gay-bashers, racists, neo-Nazis, hypocrites ... a whole pack of sick puppies ... when the best approach to this is to take the mickey, I think.

After all, you guys actually enjoy seeing liberals get all upset, trying sweet reason and failing completely. My choice is not to get upset at all by failing at the use of reason, but instead to mock Trump and his crowd any chance I get.

Look at you two, OB and WC, stood there shoulder-to-shoulder with the Reverend Jim Bakker. Not for the same reasons, one hopes, but there you stand. Bwhahahahahaaa .....

It must have been the Emperor Mong at work again. "Stand up for Donald Trump. That will upset the liberals, and nobody will think the less of you for joining that ragtag mob of losers trailing after this other emperor, the one with no clothes. Off you go now .... " A swirl of his purple cape, a cloud of purple smoke, a gust of ghostly laughter, and then off he went to find a fresh victim. That must have been Rudy Giuliani. "Go seek out as many people as you can to interview you on TV, Rudy. That will make you Trump's favorite minion."

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