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I do 99% of my flying in a PA28 over the ocean - the 1% being the few minutes on approach and on departure.

Of course I have the life jackets, the four man raft and the GPS PLB.

My ocean is the Atlantic and the Eastern Caribbean sea - so warm water in the main.

That said, I have no great expectations of surviving a water landing even if I manage to exit, get my raft out (I have it on the px sear behind P1, not strapped, figuring I will have time to reach back put in on P2 and lap strap it) and my PLB operating - even with warm water I think the exposure will finish me off before help arrives. I would expect to be in the water, grest to have the raft but since I usually fly alone I doubt I would be able to get in it, the PBL would operate but could I hold it upright for hours (or even minutes) then down here there are no rescue helicopters - even if the PLB worked it could take four or five hours for them to come get me on a good day, statistically probability is it would be dark by then.

So pretty much every time I land I'm happy.

On Friday I will be doing Barbados, Martinique, Bequia - back to Barbados Sat or Sun; usual lot of water but good weather expected.
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