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I did just this April/May last year after having let my SEP lapse since 2006 on my UK CAA PPL(A). I was flying until 2011 on the basis of my FAA CPL/IR but hadn't flown since July 2011.

1) Renewed my EASA Class 2 Medical
2) Completed training as required which in my case was three hours in total, an hour each for general handling, circuits and a quick navigation exercise.
3) Once the ATO is satisfied you are ready for the SEP Proficiency Check they will need to complete the Course Completion Certificate SRG1107 - your Examiner will require this as a pre-requisite to the test.
3) Pass an SEP Proficiency Check which, whilst it isn't a PPL Skills Test, will include a little navigation leg with a diversion but it won't be as long or involved as the initial PPL Skills Test. It is only there to ensure you have the basics of navigation and get yourself around without getting lost and infringing controlled airspace etc.
4) The test includes an oral portion for the specific type of aircraft. For me this was "oh we need to do oral questions, er do you know how often maintenance checks are completed"? "Yes every 50 hours". "What happens during these checks?", "Drop the oil.." and before I could continue he said "that will do.".

Sent my paperwork off which included everything Magpie stated in the post above and five weeks later I was holding my new EASA PPL(A) and also a new version of my old UK CAA PPL(A) (as I ticked the box on the form to retain one).

In the UK, Flight Information Service wasn't around when you last flew and therefore you are probably familiar with Basic, Traffic and Deconfliction Services.

However, it may be wise to bring yourself up to speed with SERA - i.e. European Rules of the Air which came into effect in 2016 if I remember correctly. Take a look at CAA Skyway Code. I.e. VFR at Night is now a thing! This was a bit of a shock when I was plugged into Edinburgh ATC (best New Years Eve ever if you ask me spending the evening the Tower!) and heard my wife clear someone VFR at night into her zone. This was a few months before I regained my licence and therefore knew I had a bit of re-learning to do as well as looking at the bits I had long since forgotten.
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