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My grandad at 80 didn't need distance glasses for driving.
Why should he ? I don't, at age 84, and ... have just passed the necessary 2 year medical, which includes eyesight, to allow me to drive for another 2 years at least, and ... just undergone a voluntary local A.A. ( driving, not alcohol ) assessment of "older drivers" and was complimented on how I kept my head swivelling - i.e. looking - for possible hazards, maybe still being a pilot ( and yes, that requires a medical too, ) has something to do with that ? The examiner also agreed with me about unnecessary "halting" at "give-way" signs if nothing is coming, with particular reference to entering roundabouts, and said he fails new licence applicants if they do that. Good on'im.

Not sure if I will make 97, but if so I sincerely hope that I am still allowed to drive so long as I meet the necessary physical and mental requirements. Will have to move nearer town if not !

Stop knocking "older" drivers. Maybe P.P. made a mistake ? Don't younger drivers ever do that ?
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