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The piece I read on the seat belt thing this morning said the police spoke to the Duke after someone photographed him "on the Sandringham estate". If correct, then surely there is no need for police involvement?
From what I have seen so far, I have been assuming he pulled out of a side road and onto the A road and, presumably, into the path of the oncoming car. It also seems that this particular stretch of road is prone to speed related accidents, hence the council's movement to reduce the speed limit along that stretch. If so, one has to wonder what sort of speed the Kia was making in order to cause a Land Rover to roll at least a full 180. And what on earth eyesight has to do with it puzzles me. I have been short sighted since, presumably, for ever. Being short sighted doesn't stop you from seeing anything but what it does do is to distort one's idea of distance. I hadn't realised this until taking part in school sports. I was never able to quite manage the high jump. Years later it was explained to me that this was because I was taking off too soon as a result of the duff distance perception.
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