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Traffic Sgt is not an Engineer. He can treat them how ever he likes. Although I must admit from the quality of Engineer that the Police are usually willing to pay for, his experience has more than likely been that the results are not worth the paper they are written on.

Police went through a period of upgrading there own by sending them to Breeze block Uni's to do degrees, Then they found out that they got ripped to pieces for calling themselves Engineers with out doing an accredited degree by one of the engineering councils. They then started sending them on accredited degree courses. I presume these days the fee's are to much and they have given up.

They used to have a unit in the Manchester area which knew their poo and also one in the London area. But both of them were forensic Engineering units, apart from accidents they did industrial accidents as well. The internal traffic police units that attempted it were pretty much universally destroyed in court when it was contested. Those two units mentioned above were not to be messed with according to my boss. But according to him they were pretty fair and did the job properly so if did get to court then it was more than likely the case was sound.
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