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My grandad at 80 didn't need distance glasses for driving. And I still get the odd comment about the day I was with him, with him driving and we must of had about 6 near misses in the space of 15 mins driving around town.

I just commented that he would be heart broken if he hurt anyone. On the way back he got me to drive and told me to keep the keys and never got behind the wheel again.

Major poo from the next generation up from me about it all.

Three weeks later he had sold his garage and I visited and took him to the pub for lunch up on the moors. He thanked me for prompting him. Said it was a lot less stressful now he didn't have to drive anywhere and had got rid of his garage, anyway what were grandsons for if not to take their granddad to the pub for lunch letting him look out the window and let him sleep on the way home.
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