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Originally Posted by anchorhold View Post
So Prince Philip has now been warned just forty eight hours after his accident for not wearing a seat belt on a public road. This is the bizarre way the police operate, one person can be prosecuted for an offence, yet the next person is not prosecuted. I would say not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone should always result in points. I have to say that if I was facing points in a similar situation in Norfolk, it would seem a good opportunity to challenge both the law and the Chief Constable.
Not wearing a seatbelt is a non endorsable offence and does not result in points, only a fine. As I understand it the police were made aware of this particular case via a photograph taken by a third party, under these circumstances they can not issue a fixed penalty or prosecute as the photographic evidence alone would be insufficient so all they can do is speak to the driver and "offer advice". This is the same regardless of who the person is, royal family or not.
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